Function And Form

Function & Form is an industry leader in the aftermarket marketplace for suspension. When it came time to rebrand, they turned to Eyenovation to develop a new identity system to use across their various product applications. 

Function And Form
Identity Design and Art Direction

Classic Meets Timeless

With a rich history and loyal following, we sought to create a new identity that retained the F2 recognition, while ushering in a powerful logo that encapsulated the “F2” in a creative way.

Merchandise Explorations

In conjunction with F2’s own internal design team, we help the suspension company develop some very early prototype tee shirts with the new identity concepts.

Digital Catalog

We helped Function & Form revamp their product catalog to be digital and device friendly. This allowed customers to more easily find the suspension components they were looking for.

Product Catalog Design

Once we helped refine the Function and Form identity, we turned the focus to their product catalog. We designed a high-end printed version that helped position the products to a higher end and affluent customer pool.