Max Papis Innovations

Max Papis Innovations was founded in 2009 by Max Papis and Tatiana Fittipaldi Papis, in Mooresville, NC. Max and Tatiana have a long background in racing. Together they have created a signature line of steering wheels and racing products, and called upon Eyenovation for art direction and design.

Brand Strategy

In addition to design, we helped consult and advise MPI on building a stronger social media following.


We worked to add in direct calls to action for followers to purchase products online

Audience Building

Worked to develop richer content that focused on highlighting customers as featured ‘MPI Family’ athletes

Scale and Grow

Scaled social presence across all platforms and emerging networks to attract new users.

Identity and Branding

MPI had an existing identity and brand, but lacked the materials internally to manage it effectively. We helped their team develop documents and processes to ensure a consistency across all materials. We also developed many visual extensions, showcasing the brand and message across a wide variety of items.

Conceptualization and Development

To bring new ideas and future innovations to life, we helped MPI by sketching and rendering ideas for new products. In a digital era, often times an analog perspective still yields the best results.

Video Content and Collaborations

With our video arm of Eyenovation, we worked with MPI to bring their growing number of partnerships and collaborations to life in engaging and high energy content.